The Story of Midsommar

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The name Midsommar comes from the Swedish agrarian culture of the 1500s, Midsommar (Midsummer in English) celebrations were held to welcome the Summer solstice and the season of fertility.

The Swedes considered the solstice to be a time of magic in the natural world.  Therefore, anything to do with nature was thought to have a special power. Gathering flowers to weave into wreaths and crowns was a way to harness nature's magic and ensure good health throughout the year. Early celebrants dressed as ‘green men’, clad in ferns, decorated their houses and farm tools with foliage, and raised tall, leafy maypoles to dance around.

Modern Swedes remain well attuned to the rhythms of nature. Midsommar is celebrated in the countryside with large gatherings.  In many cases, whole families gather to celebrate this traditional high-point of the summer. Many people begin the first day of the holiday by picking flowers and making wreaths to place on the maypole, a key symbol in the celebrations. When the maypole is raised the celebration and joy of summer begin in earnest.

That joy and magic of life and new beginnings is what we here at Midsommar Farm hope to provide through delivery of our naturally grown, freshly cut flowers.